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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Deck Box Part 1

First in a series talking about the decks that I have. :)


Grade 0 -17
Skelton Assault Troops Captain/Captain Night Kid 1
Demon Cannonball 4
Knight Spirit 4
Rough Seas Banshee 4
Doctor Rouge 4

Grade 1 -15
Dragon Spirit 4
King Seahorse 2
Samurai Spirit 3
Gust Jinn 3
Dandy Romario 3

Grade 2 -11
Ruin Shade 4
Commodore Blueblood 2
Skeleton Swordsman 3
Master Chef, Pietro 2

Grade 3 -7
Death Seeker, Thanatos 2
Dragon Undead, Skull Dragon 1
Necromancer of the Ice Prison, Cocytus 4

This is one of my first Deck construction Articles, so bear with me. This is not a perfect deck and I am not a Pro, just some idea that I throw around. So if you have any useful tips or think that I am wrong, please comment below. :)
This is one of my first few deck that I am quite happy with. Great if you wish to play a Budget deck since cards of the Granblue clan are not very expensive.

Imagine! (Perfect Field)
I'll start with the perfect field. Cocytus boosted with Dragon spirit double critting your opponent's vanguard for the win!!
The side columns can be just a Ruin Shade, Blueblood, Thanatos or Any grade 2 with a 8k booster. Best would be Skull Dragon with Romario for a 21k Column.

The idea of the deck, is to delay your opponent for as long as possible to enable your Cocytus Vanguard to Crit your opponent. Since Cocytus boosted by Dragon Spirit, when soul blasted, will reach 26k after limit break, your opponent will either have to perfect guard it or let it through. The rest of the deck should try to delay your opponent as long as possible through super intercepting or by killing their rearguards.

Grade 3s
4 Cocytus, the main player in this deck. Allows you to reach 26k after limit break and boosted by dragon spirit, or 21k without either limit break or Dragon spirit. The second ability allows you to revive any unit from your discard pile, be it getting a dragon spirit behind it or getting thanatos or your grade 2s to your field. You can ride another Cocytus over your Cocytus to use its ability again. Thanatos will create maxmum pressure on your opponent as they will most likely want to block it. It will also distract your opponent from attacking your Vanguard so that you will have more chance to attack him. Dragon Skull, only 1 as you can revive it or search it our with nightkid. Will reach 21k with romario boosting behind it.

Grade 2s
4 Ruin Shades, Use these to attack your opponent's Rearguard, since after using its ability will push it to 11k and allow you to fill your discard pile for revival. Blueblood Commodore is used to attack your opponents' rearguards and pietro is used to unflip damage used for your counterblasts since the deck is quite counterblast heavy.

Grade 1s.
4 Dragon Spirits, these will go behind Cocytus to boost it to 26k. You may reduce it to 3 if you find that you can do without the extra 1. 3 Gust Jinn, perfect Guards, Staples. Samurai Spirits and Romarios, used to boost your Rearguards to reach 16k magic number. Samurai Spirits allow you to adjust your field and bring it back. Romario also goes with Skull Dragon to reach 21k. 2 King Seahorses, to allow you to cycle cards in your hand that you do not need. It can go behind your vanguard in the beginning or if you cannot get your Dragon spirit to reach 16k/21k. If you find that you do not make use of it often enough, change it out for more of the other grade 1s or an additional Blueblood.

Grade 0s.
12 Crit Triggers to pressure your opponent. Also to allow you to crit your opponent to death using your vanguard. Rough Sea Banshee also allows you to feed your Dragonspirit by sould charging it if you can afford the lost in defense. 4 Heal Triggers, Staple in any deck. Skeleton Assault Troops Captain as Starter, I actually prefer this as my Starter as it allows me to look for Cocytus and provides consistency, however some may prefer Captain Nightkid as the starter for the tool boxing ability.

The Deck
Try to Delay your opponent for as long as possible so that your Cocytus have more chance to hit your opponent's Vanguard. This deck is quite against rush deck as it needs time to set up. Another thing is that you need the discipline to attack your opponent's rearguards to reduce their hand size and slow them down. Sometimes even using your vanguard to do that.

I hope that you enjoyed this article and that you would gain something from it! :)
Keep Cardfighting!

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