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Monday, 13 August 2012

Fun Decks

Some fun decks to introduce the supported clans in BT03

Pale Moon ($90)

Hades RingMaster (FV)
4 Candy Clown (Heal)
4 Rainbow Magician (Draw)
4 Spiral Mster (Draw)
4 Dynamite Juggler (Critical)

4 Dark Metal Bicorn
4 Midnight Bunny
4 Skull Juggler
2 Turquoise Beast Tamer

4 Barking Cerebus
3 Hungry Clown
3 Mirror Demon
2 Elephant Juggler

4 Barking Manticore
3 Dark Illusionist, Robert

Dark Irregulars ($80)

Vermillion GateKeeper (FV)
4 Hades Puppet Master (Stand)
4 Dark Queen of NightmareLand (Stand)
4 Blitzritter (Critical)
4 Cursed Doctor (Heal)

4 Poet of Darkness, Amon
4 Prisoner Beast
4 Alluring Succubus
2 Bloody Calf

4 Demon of Aspiration, Amon
4 Werwolf Sieger
2 Blue Dust
2 Decadent Succubus

3 Demon Eater
2 Stil Vampire
2 Edel Rose

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