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Thursday, 26 July 2012

The Magic Numbers...

So the previous time I had talked about Imagine!, the perfect field. Now I'm going to talk about magic numbers. You may be thinking what are magic numbers and why do we need to consider them during deck construction. Well, magic numbers are numbers that would make your deck  more efficient, it would also allow you to decide between some cards to put into your deck that would provide the maximum pressure.

Now what are the magic numbers? The main magic numbers would be 11000, 16000, 21000 and 26000. The secondary numbers will be 10000, 15000, 20000 and 25000. Notice anything? The main numbers start from 11000 with 5000 increments, while the secondary starts with 10000 with 5000 increments. In the future, the magic numbers may include 13000 with 5000 increments. So why are these numbers important? It's because they allow you to hit your opponent's vanguard more effectively.

A typical grade 3 vanguard you will encounter, which will be most of the time since your opponent should ride a new one almost every turn, will have a strength of 10000 or 11000. So if your attacking units hit 10000, your opponent if he doesn't want to take damage will be required to block with at least a 5000 shield unit. So now if you reach 15000, he will be forced to use a 10k guard, and at 20k, he will need a 15k guard. So this means, you are just hitting the minimum amount to make your opponent discard more cards, very soon, your opponent will be having lesser cards in his hand, giving you greater card advantage. The same is true for the 11ks and 13ks for the respective vanguards.

So now how does this translate into insights for deck building. Now that you have selected some cards based on how you are going to win, you need more cards for support and how do you choose them? Fr example, the grade 2 that you have chosen is a 8k unit, so it would be better to choose a grade 1 that is 8k to hit 16k... A 10k booster will not be efficient as you would hit 18k, the extra 2k will be wasted, since the opponent will have to use a 10k anyway. For a 12k attacker, a booster that can reach 9k will be best to reach 21k. It is always good to keep the magic numbers in mind when selecting cards for your deck since cards with better effects will have lower attack power, do you choose a 8k vanilla unit or a 6k unit with a nice effect? It depends on the rest of your cards, whether you need the extra power to hit the magic numbers.

The main magic numbers are the 11k sets as those are the more common higher attacking units, this is why 11k units are so great, not only because of their great offense, but rather their great defense as your opponent will have a harder time reaching your magic numbers. Allowing you to conserve more cards in your hand.

So by keeping the magic numbers in mind while constructing your deck, you would be able to create a more efficient attacking column, thus creating a stronger deck. It will dictate where you are going to call your rearguards to allow the columns to hit the magic numbers. So who says that cardfight! Vanguard is just a luck game?
Do try out and continue tweaking your decks, and keep cardfighting!!!

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