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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Black Tortoise...

This is our first guest article written by one of our players!
He wish to announce to the world the power of the black tortoise... enjoy!

Black Tortoise

From the ashes of Nova Grappler rises the Black Tortoise once more! This deck used to terrorise
many players, ending matches before they had a full field… For if they did… They lost the next turn…

Today, we will be reviewing one of the more powerful decks available for English players. The Black
Tortoise deck.( Okay, some people probably call it the Azure Dragon/Asura Kaiser build or even the
Divine Beast deck) This deck is rather cost-efficient on both your wallet and on counterblasts. It
boasts excellent defence, high powered attackers, decent speed and is rather easy to understand
and to use.

Here’s a sample decklist for everyone to see.

Sample decklist

FV- Divine Beast, White Tiger

Trigger setup- 6crit, 6 stand, 4 heal.

Grade 1

Tough Boy X4

Twin Blader X4

Announcer Shout X2

Claydoll Mechanic X4

Grade 2

Divine Beast Black Tortoise X4

Brutal Jack X4

King of Sword X3

Grade 3

Asura Kaiser X4

Divine Beast, Azure Dragon X4

Deck breakdown

White Tiger

It’s the perfect starter or this type of Divine Beast deck. With the ability to re-stand your fishing
companion, Black Tortoise, or even the whacker, Azure Dragon, this card proves to be very versatile
in this deck, which causes headaches for the opponent when it comes to guarding choices.

Tough Boy

Black Tortoise’s man-at-arms, perfectly suited to boost Black Tortoise to a respectable 16K attacking
force. This forces a larger guard from the opponent to prevent you from over-fishing. One of the
best hand-burners in this deck, especially in the early game when boosting Black Tortoise.

Announcer Shout/ Claydoll Mechanic

Nothing to see here. If only there were more 8K boosters.

Twin Blader

The pikemen of the Divine Beast Corps. This bad boy keeps the opponent at bay, until you get the
fatter 10K guards to buffer the attacks. Due to zero draw triggers, your hand may be a tad small,
which is where this card comes in. This card can ditch the spare Grade 3s in hand as well, or you may
have a lot more Grade 3s than needed, due to the fishing skills of the Black Tortoise.

Divine Beast, Black Tortoise

The namesake of this deck. With its monstrous searching ability, as well as excellent synergy with
White Tiger as well as the boosts which enable it to hit at least 15K, this Tortoise ain’t your regular
tortoise. This card is a “Hand Burner”, as it forces your opponent to guard, to prevent you from
pulling out a Grade 3 and setting up your triggers at the bottom. This is the best vanguard you
could have as a Grade 2, as many opponents will not guard against his attacks, leading to a fishing
party. With the multiple stand triggers, it is likely that this tortoise can attack more than once as a
rearguard as well.

Brutal Jack

The frontline infantry of the Divine Beast Corps. This 11K monster is especially good as target of
stand triggers, being able to solo all units, save a post-megablast Agravain. This power comes at a
cost however. A tiny cost of one counterblast. Which this deck does not use at all. Can be used until
you get another Grade 3 to use, without the payments, but with better perks.

King of Sword

Nothing to say. Your standard conscript, I suppose.

Grade 3

Asura Kaiser

The head honcho of the gang. With its excellent skill to restand your powerful rearguards, just by
checking a Grade 3. This places more pressure especially in the late game, where more attacks can
end the match slightly more effectively than critical triggers.

Divine Beast, Azure Dragon

The reinforcements of the army. These fellas take over the work of Brutal Jack as 11K whackers. It
is better than Jack due to good synergy with the stars of the show : Black Tortoise and White Tiger.
Enough said.

Ratings (From A to D, where D is the worst possible score.)

Cost friendly : B

Power output: A

Speed : C+

“Fishing” skills: B+

Defence: A

Consistency: C

This deck can be considered cheap as it has 12 foils, all of which can be bought at prices below $15,
probably. For starters, I know that the Kaiser and Dragon can be bought for around $10 from people
who do not play Nova Grappler, whilst Twin Blader at most only costs around $15. We have all the
necessary singles as well. Feel free to check our “singles” section.

Now, on to the power output. In short… This deck is over powered. Literally. This deck easily hits
those crazy high numbers like 17, 18, 19K. But how much does it take to guard them?... 10 K even if
you had attacked with 15K. But numbers like 17, 18 and 19 are useful still. These power levels can
force 10K shields out of 13 K vanguards quite easily, something the English version hasn’t managed
to do well yet, due to the lack of cards like Palomedes, the knights of friendship, nullity and loyalty
as well as Burning Horn Dragon. So, although this extra power may seem like a novelty now, it is
actually of use next year when the 13K monsters get unleashed!

Speed is a minor issue for this deck. This deck only has moderate speed, period. With zero draw
triggers, your only chances to pull fighters and boosters are from your drive checks and draws.
That would be a problem except… ALL YOUR BLEEDING CARDS ARE 10K MONSTROSITIES AND 7K
BOOSTERS!! So, done and done.

Fishing time. Black Tortoise is using a super rod from pokemon. And there are four of them. They
may fish more than once in a turn. Go figure.

Defence is a strong point of this deck. With 8 11K vanguards and no way to go, you’re definitely a
11K at Grade 3. And 11Ks are excellent tanks. Plus your frontliners are most likely 11K tanks too. If
that’s not enough defence for you, I can only refer you to the Knight of Fury, Agravain, which MIGHT
get 15K defence.

Due to the unpredictable fishing ability of Black Tortoise, no two games are ever the same. Do I need
say more…

Black Tortoise is so awesome. It deserves a good theme song. One that makes little children run to
their mommies. Something like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLI3fSgccZU

No. Seriously. If anyone gets an inspiration to write a Black Tortoise epic. Go ahead.

Obviously I’m not going to teach you how to use the deck, but rather point out the excellent synergy
this deck has. Every card has a purpose. Every card is precious. There are no weak or strong cards.
Any card can become strong with the right support. Disregard my learned colleague’s statement in
the article” Protection”. Every card should be loved and cherished.

So are you caught up in the tortoise fever yet? What are you waiting for!?!?!
If any of you are interested to share your ideas on our blog, do email me at sgvanguardonline@gmail.com!

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