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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Sgvanguardonline's First Ever Christmas Bowl!!!

Christmas is coming!!!
It's going to be one year since we at sgvanguardonline started up and thanks to great support from our friends, we are still here.
In order to celebrate this joyous occasion we are having our no holds barred, season of giving, Christmas Bowl!!!
So come on down and join us for this crazy Tourney where we show our appreciation to you, Our friends! :)

23rd Dec 2012!!

Christmas Bowl!!
Double Elimination
Date: 23/12/2012

Time: 2.00pm
Registration Fee: $5 per player

1st Place: 1 booster box of EB03
2nd: 3 Booster packs + Tsukiyomi Deck Box

3rd:  2 Booster + Dark Dictator and Silvesti Promo
4th-> Last: 2 Boosters each

Christmas Bowl Lucky Draw!!!
Everyone who joined the Christmas bowl will have a chance in the Christmas Bowl Lucky Draw!
Prizes include: Deck Box, Sleeves, Promo cards, Cfv Dividers, booster packs...

*Only English cards will be allowed in the tournament.
Barcgal banned as Starting Vanguard

-Side event (optional)
Christmas Gift exchange...
Participation: 1 rr/rrr card

How it works:
Everyone will add a rr/rrr card of your own selection to a pool and then cards will be redistributed out to everyone! :) (season of giving!!)

* picture from http://www.zerochan.net/Cardfight!!+Vanguard,Fanart?p=4


  1. You forgot to mention the date / time

  2. Christmas Bowl!!
    Double Elimination
    Date: 23/12/2012
    Time: 2.00pm
    Registration Fee: $5 per player

    They did mention =.= its so big

    1. I just updated with the date and time. Thanks for the heads up. :)

  3. Can I pay fee just for the 2 packs and lucky draw a not? I cannot go on that day sia

  4. Me Want to Join Too..!!
    This is so not fair..!!