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Friday, 17 August 2012

Bushiroad Basic Floor Rules 1.0

This is taken from Freedomduo.

Chapter 1
Responsibility of a fighter 
- Fair play
In order to have a tournament that makes everyone happy please practice fair
play, treat your opponent with respect.
Pay attention to the announcements made by the staffs hosting the tournament.

-Do not do things which you shouldn't do
Do not do things that are against the rules, do not make any actions or speech that will
hurt others.

-Bring your deck and stationeries 
Please do not forget to bring your deck or stationeries for tournamens. Make 
sure that your deck have the correct amount of cards and there are no
damages or markings on your sleeves before the tournament.

-Proper communication
A fight can not be done by 1 person alone, please have proper communication to have
a fun experience. Please make sure that you inform your opponent about your actions
such as declarations, moving of cards etc before continuing.

-Ask the judge if you have doubt
During a fight if there's any part of the ruling that you do not understand do not hesitate
to ask the judge and continue the judge according to the judge's answer.

Chapter 2
Card & sleeves
-Use the correct card
Please use official cards made by BushiRoad during tournaments and not fake ones.

-Use the correct sleeves
Please use a sleeve that you can not see the actual card from the back or side. Make sure 
that there are no marking etc that cover any information at the front of the card (text, icon).

-Place the cards at the correct position
During a fight please place your cards at the correct places and not any where else. Please
make sure that your hand is always above the table and can be seen by your opponent

Chapter 3
Always shuffle your deck at a poition which can be seen by your opponent. Make sure
the cards are shuffled in random and not placing them in sequence where you will 
Sequence of shuffling
1) Hidu shuffle multiple time
2) Table shuffle or ripple shuffle with
hidu shuffle multiple times
3) Hidu shuffle multiple times 

After shuffling your own deck offer your deck to your opponent and ask if he/she
wants to shuffle/cut your deck

When shuffling your opponent deck please be gentle and do not damage the card/sleeves/
outer sleeves. You may request the judge to counter shuffle at the end.

Chapter 4
Tournament types
A tournament where all the players will play till the end, first opponent will be chosen at
random and from the second game onwards player will be pair up with players with same
or similar results

-Double elimination 
A tournament where only the winner can continue playing, only players with all win
or one lost can continue to the next game

-Single elimination
A tournament where only the winner can continue playing.

Chapter 5
Things to take note during fights
-Do not forget the timing of your [Auto] effects 
Please double check so that you will not miss
the timing of your [Auto] skill and remind your opponent about theirs.

-Do not look at the cards from your deck if you shouldn't
Please do not  look or review the cards from your deck for no reason.

-Do not draw extra cards
Do not draw more cards than what you are suppose to draw. make sure you draw the 
cards 1 by 1 and confirmed by your opponent.

-Do not think more than necessary
Do not think more than necessary or do multiple time of the same checks during
the game as it will waste alot of time and resulting in slow play. 

-Do not do unnecessary hand shuffling
As the sound made from hand shuffling can affect the thinking of your opponent,
please do not do unnecessary hand shuffling during game play. Please do not do actions 
that will scare your opponent or surprise them etc. which will make the fight unpleasant.

-Show manners at the end of the game
Please do not shout etc after winning a game and ignoring the opponent. Be courteous
and thank your opponent for the game, shake their hand, show respect to your
opponent no matter winning or losing and have a fight which you will feel

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